Hard Rock

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Hard Rock HPM4168

Rockin out

Hitpoint Music HPM4168

  • 001Snakeskin ShoesMain1:36
  • 002Snakeskin ShoesNo Drums1:36
  • 003Snakeskin ShoesDrums Bass1:36
  • 004Snakeskin ShoesLoop Section0:56
  • 005Snakeskin ShoesSting 10:10
  • 006Snakeskin ShoesSting 1 No Drums0:10
  • 007Snakeskin ShoesSting 20:07
  • 008Snakeskin ShoesSting 2 No Drums0:07
  • 009Grimey RockerMain2:03
  • 010Grimey RockerNo Drums2:02
  • 011Grimey RockerSparse2:02
  • 012Chaos TheoryMain1:46
  • 013Chaos TheoryNo Drums1:46
  • 014Chaos TheorySparse1:46
  • 015Two Minute OffenseMain2:05
  • 016Two Minute OffenseNo Main Guitars2:05
  • 017Two Minute OffenseLess Distortion2:05
  • 018Two Minute OffenseLess Distortion No Main Guitars2:05
  • 019Touch DownMain1:46
  • 020Touch DownNo Drums1:46
  • 021Touch DownNo Guitars1:46
  • 022Tilt A WhirlMain1:30
  • 023Tilt A WhirlNo Drums1:30
  • 024Tilt A WhirlNo Main Guitar1:30
  • 025Tilt A WhirlNo Main Guitar No Harmonics1:30
  • 026Full Throttle MeltdownMain2:06
  • 027Full Throttle MeltdownSparse2:06
  • 028Full Throttle MeltdownHits0:03
  • 029Pawn Star BluesMain1:30
  • 030Pawn Star BluesNo Lead1:30
  • 031Crushing MachineMain1:04




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