Rock Styles

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Rock Styles HPM4166

A very broad selection of rock music styles

Hitpoint Music HPM4166

  • 001Pedal To The MetalMain1:13
  • 002Pedal To The MetalSparse1:13
  • 003Pedal To The MetalSting0:03
  • 004Pretty FlyMain3:05
  • 005Pretty FlyGuitar0:56
  • 006Pretty FlyNo Guitar3:05
  • 007Pretty FlyPercussion3:05
  • 008Stripes White RockMain1:11
  • 009Proud Loud BluesMain0:58
  • 010Feel The PunkMain0:52
  • 011Abbey BeatMain1:02
  • 012Abbey BeatSting0:02
  • 013Tokyo FightclubMain1:45
  • 014Tokyo FightclubShort0:37
  • 015Mixing HotMain0:27
  • 016Mixing HotSparse0:23
  • 017Muddy TyresMain1:41
  • 018Muddy Tyres30sec0:35
  • 019Do As Youre ToldMain1:25
  • 020Do As Youre ToldSparse1:27
  • 021Dance PartyMain2:44
  • 022Dance PartyNo Drums2:44
  • 023Dance PartyNo Guitar2:44
  • 024Dance PartyNo Lead2:44
  • 025Dance PartyNo Synth2:44
  • 026Get OnMain2:24
  • 027Get OnDrums Bass2:22
  • 028Get OnGuitar1:28
  • 029HighlightsMain3:03
  • 030HighlightsDrums Bass3:03
  • 031HighlightsDrums3:03
  • 032HighlightsRiff3:03
  • 033Cruise ControlMain1:45
  • 034Cruise ControlDrums Bass1:33
  • 035Cruise ControlFunk Break Slow End1:10




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