Pop Hits 3

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Pop Hits 3 HPM4163

Yet more tunes with a current pop sound

Hitpoint Music HPM4163

  • 001All The StarsMain2:11
  • 002All The StarsNo Drums2:11
  • 003Tropic LoverMain1:53
  • 004Tropic LoverNo Drums1:54
  • 005KotuMain2:57
  • 006KotuNo Drums2:57
  • 007ChampionsMain1:35
  • 008ChampionsNo Drums1:35
  • 009Choose YouMain2:02
  • 010Choose YouNo Drums2:02
  • 011Get UpMain1:39
  • 012Get UpNo Drums1:41
  • 013Up BeatMain2:06
  • 014Up BeatNo Drums2:06
  • 015Old SkoolMain2:33
  • 016Old SkoolNo Vox2:33
  • 017DownloadMain2:18
  • 018DownloadNo Drums2:18
  • 019Be ThereMain2:12
  • 020Be ThereLess Vox2:12
  • 021Be ThereNo Vox2:12




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