Pop Hits 2

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Pop Hits 2 HPM4162

More uplifting current pop grooves

Hitpoint Music HPM4162

  • 001WildMain1:52
  • 002WildNo Vocal Chop1:52
  • 003WildNo Drums1:52
  • 004GroundedMain1:58
  • 005GroundedNo Vocal Melody1:58
  • 006GroundedNo Kick1:58
  • 007GroundedNo Drums1:58
  • 008Beaches Of AsiaMain1:10
  • 009Beaches Of AsiaSparse1:10
  • 010BeautifulMain2:37
  • 011Better LoveMain1:36
  • 012Good FeelsMain2:01
  • 013Good FeelsNo Top Line2:01
  • 014First ThingMain0:30
  • 015First Thing15sec0:16
  • 016Changing The MotionMain1:27
  • 017Strawberry FunkMain1:40
  • 018Feel The HeatMain1:46
  • 019Feel The HeatNo Vox1:46
  • 020Starting A New LifeMain2:01
  • 021The ClimbMain2:02
  • 022Party FeelingMain0:41
  • 023Party FeelingSparse0:40
  • 024Spray AwayMain1:52
  • 025Spray Away15sec0:15




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