Pop Hits

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Pop Hits HPM4161

Modern pop tunes in various styles including Latin

Hitpoint Music HPM4161

  • 001Save ItMain1:48
  • 002Save ItNo Drums1:48
  • 003Save ItNo Vocal1:48
  • 004Save ItNo Drums Pads Vocal1:48
  • 005Save ItBeat Synth Vocal1:48
  • 006NakedMain1:40
  • 007NakedNo Drums1:40
  • 008NakedNo Vox1:40
  • 009NakedNo Vox No Top Line1:40
  • 010NakedPads1:40
  • 011Clear SkiesMain2:45
  • 012Clear SkiesNo Clocks2:45
  • 013Clear SkiesNo Perc2:45
  • 014Clear SkiesNo Perc FX2:45
  • 015Clear SkiesSparse2:45
  • 016Clear SkiesSparse No Perc2:45
  • 017Melodic 808Main1:48
  • 018Melodic 808Beat1:48
  • 019Melodic 808Beat No Kick1:48
  • 020Melodic 808No Melody1:48
  • 021Straight Up MoombahMain1:56
  • 022Straight Up MoombahNo Beat1:56
  • 023Straight Up MoombahNo Beat Melody1:56
  • 024Straight Up MoombahNo Melody1:56
  • 025Trapped In AtlantaMain2:38
  • 026Trapped In AtlantaNo Beat2:38
  • 027Trapped In AtlantaNo Beat Melody2:38
  • 028Trapped In AtlantaNo Melody2:38
  • 029Tropical SunriseMain2:32
  • 030Tropical SunriseNo Melody2:32
  • 031Heat WaveMain1:48
  • 032Heat WaveNo Drums1:48
  • 033Heat WaveBeats Pads1:48
  • 034Heat WavePads Only1:48
  • 035Touch LightMain1:50
  • 036Touch LightNo Yay1:50
  • 037Touch LightDrums Effects1:50
  • 038Touch LightSynths1:50
  • 039Over ItMain1:56
  • 040Over ItNo Drums1:56
  • 041Over ItNo Top Line1:56
  • 042Over ItDrums Bass Guitar Synth1:56
  • 043Over ItPiano Synth1:56
  • 044ReminiscenceMain1:51
  • 045ReminiscenceNo Drums1:51
  • 046ReminiscenceNo Top Line1:51
  • 047ReminiscenceNo Vocal1:51
  • 048ReminiscenceNo Top Line No Vocal1:51
  • 049Right Back UpMain1:59
  • 050Right Back UpNo Drums1:59
  • 051Right Back UpRiff Bass Drums1:59
  • 052Right Back UpAlt Riff Pads Drums1:59
  • 053DesperadoMain2:03
  • 054DesperadoNo Drums2:03
  • 055DesperadoNo Riff2:03
  • 056DesperadoNo Vocal2:03
  • 057DesperadoNo Riff Vocal2:03
  • 058DesperadoNo Drums Riff Vocal2:03
  • 059Low RideMain2:38
  • 060Low RideNo Lead Guitars2:38
  • 061Low RideNo Guitars2:38
  • 062Low RideGuitars2:38
  • 063La NocheMain2:54
  • 064La NocheNo Top Lines2:54
  • 065La NocheNo Drums2:54
  • 066La NocheSparse2:54




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