House Of Horrors

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House Of Horrors HPM4160

Dark, sinister and occasionally playful horror music

Hitpoint Music HPM4160

  • 001Metallic MurmursMain1:45
  • 002Metallic MurmursExtra SFX1:45
  • 003Atomic ClockMain1:26
  • 004Something BrewingMain2:41
  • 005Tip Toeing TerrorsMain1:27
  • 006Tip Toeing TerrorsNo Perc1:27
  • 007Tip Toeing TerrorsNo Strings1:27
  • 008Tip Toeing TerrorsStrings1:27
  • 009Tip Toeing Terrors30sec0:30
  • 010Tip Toeing TerrorsSting0:06
  • 011Haunted MansionMain1:41
  • 013Farringdon FogMain1:06
  • 014Farringdon FogAlt Mix1:06
  • 015Lie In WaitMain2:52
  • 016On HoldMain1:50
  • 017On HoldNo Beat1:50
  • 018On HoldNo Strings1:50
  • 019WretchedMain1:34
  • 020WretchedKeys1:34
  • 021Over A BarrelMain3:08
  • 022Over A BarrelNo Rhythm Guitar3:08
  • 023Over A BarrelNo Guitars3:08
  • 024Over A BarrelShort Mix2:20
  • 025AcrobaticsMain0:37
  • 026AcrobaticsNo Top Line0:37
  • 027AcrobaticsAlt Ending0:36
  • 028Above SuspicionMain1:04
  • 029Above SuspicionSoft Perc1:04
  • 030Worry TimeMain1:13
  • 031Worry TimeSparse 11:04
  • 032Worry TimeSparse 21:04
  • 033Rule OneMain1:04
  • 034Rule OneDrums Only1:04
  • 035Rule OneLong Sting0:09
  • 036Rule OneShort Sting0:08




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