Fright Night

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Fright Night HPM4159

Classic horror music. Scary stuff

Hitpoint Music HPM4159

  • 001Hidden RageMain1:41
  • 002Hidden RageNo Perc1:41
  • 003Isolation ChamberMain1:48
  • 004Isolation ChamberNo Perc1:48
  • 005Isolation ChamberPerc Only1:48
  • 006Nerve DamageMain1:33
  • 007Nerve DamageNo Perc1:33
  • 008NecrosisMain2:46
  • 009Pain BarrierMain1:49
  • 010Starlight MysteryMain1:59
  • 011Hope RopeMain0:34
  • 012Something Out ThereMain0:48
  • 013Spooky DudeMain1:06
  • 014Twisting FoolMain0:52
  • 015Something ThereMain1:04
  • 016Big PushMain1:07
  • 017Big PushHeartbeat Only1:03
  • 018Big PushPiano Only1:07
  • 019Extreme EscapeMain1:15
  • 020Extreme EscapeGroove Pianos1:15
  • 021Extreme EscapePianos Only1:15
  • 022Extreme EscapeSparse Effects1:15
  • 023Extreme EscapeSparse Groove1:15
  • 024Selling ItMain1:26
  • 025Selling ItDrums Piano1:26
  • 026Selling ItDrums Piano Brass1:26
  • 027Ghost SheenMain0:53
  • 028EvolveMain1:55
  • 029Night VisionMain1:31
  • 030Night VisionNo Lead1:31
  • 031Night VisionNo Pad1:30
  • 032Night VisionNo Perc1:31
  • 033Night VisionPad Only1:31
  • 034Night VisionSnare Full1:31
  • 035Night VisionSnare No Lead1:31
  • 036Night VisionSnare No Lead Hihat1:31




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