Special Forces

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Special Forces HPM4157

Action movie style soundtrack

Hitpoint Music HPM4157

  • 001Watch And WaitMain1:15
  • 002Watch And WaitNo Perc1:15
  • 003Watch And WaitNo Strings1:15
  • 004Watch And WaitPerc Only1:15
  • 005Watch And WaitStrings Only1:15
  • 006Horizon RebootedMain2:34
  • 007Eagles WingsMain2:02
  • 008Eagles WingsNo Perc2:02
  • 009Eagles WingsPerc Only2:02
  • 010IncorporealMain2:54
  • 011Cerebral DiscoveryMain2:36
  • 012Cerebral DiscoveryNo Vox2:36
  • 013AmbuscadeMain0:42
  • 014AmbuscadeNo Perc0:42
  • 015AmbuscadePerc Only0:42
  • 016Force MajeureMain1:32
  • 017Force MajeureNo Perc1:32
  • 018Force MajeureNo Strings1:32
  • 019Force MajeurePerc Only1:32
  • 020Force MajeureStrings Only1:32
  • 021Internal ReflectionMain1:30
  • 022Internal ReflectionNo Piano1:30
  • 023Internal ReflectionPiano Only1:30
  • 024Inner GlowMain1:43
  • 025SuspensionMain2:20
  • 026SuspensionNo Perc2:20
  • 027SuspensionPerc Only2:20
  • 028Watch Your BackMain1:32
  • 029Watch Your BackNo Perc1:32
  • 030Watch Your BackNo Strings1:32
  • 031Watch Your BackStrings Only1:32
  • 032I'm Game If You AreMain2:16
  • 033I'm Game If You AreAll Strings2:16
  • 034I'm Game If You AreNo Perc2:16
  • 035I'm Game If You AreNo Strings2:16
  • 036I'm Game If You AreStrings Only2:16
  • 037Somewhat UnconventionalMain3:01
  • 038Somewhat UnconventionalNo Perc3:01
  • 039Somewhat UnconventionalNo Strings Piano3:01
  • 040Somewhat UnconventionalStrings3:01
  • 041Most IntriguingMain1:48
  • 042StratosphereMain2:09
  • 043StratosphereAlt Mix2:09




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