Drone Assembly

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Drone Assembly HPM4156

Our ultimate drone collection

Hitpoint Music HPM4156

  • 001Drone KitMain1:09
  • 002Drone KitDrums Drone1:09
  • 003Drone KitDrums FX1:09
  • 004Drone KitExtra Big Drums1:06
  • 005Drone KitMore Pulse1:07
  • 006Drone KitSparse Drums1:06
  • 007Forces VoidMain2:29
  • 008Doom DroneMain1:42
  • 009Drone HomeMain2:00
  • 010Glacial DroneMain1:25
  • 011Minor Deep DroneMain1:18
  • 012Sub Space DroneMain1:11
  • 013Driving Tension OneMain1:21
  • 014Driving Tension TwoMain1:19
  • 015Driving Tension FourMain1:00
  • 016Drive Sequence FiveMain1:34
  • 017Dobs Drone GMain0:48
  • 018Dobs Drone GSparse0:59
  • 019WastelandMain3:23
  • 020WastelandNo Guitar3:28
  • 021WastelandPads3:28
  • 022All Is LostMain1:55
  • 023Ambient BeautyMain1:20
  • 024Ambient BeautySoft Perc1:10
  • 025Ambient BeautyNo Perc1:20
  • 026Ambient BeautyStatic0:40
  • 027Devastation DroneMain1:07
  • 028Freaky DroneMain0:51
  • 029Freaky DroneNo Distortion0:53
  • 030Deep SeaMain1:05
  • 031Deep SeaSparse1:08
  • 032Ruby SkiesMain1:41
  • 033Ruby SkiesNo Guitar1:42
  • 034Ruby SkiesReverse Guitar1:42
  • 035Revo DroneMain1:21
  • 036Revo DroneDrone1:21
  • 037Revo DroneDrone Sequence1:21
  • 038Revo DroneDrums1:15
  • 039Revo DroneNo Drone1:21
  • 040Revo DroneNo Sequence1:21
  • 041Crimson GlassMain2:15




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