Classic Drones

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Classic Drones HPM4153

Classic drones, many with subtle orchestral additions

Hitpoint Music HPM4153

  • 001ChimeraMain1:42
  • 002ChimeraSynth 11:42
  • 003ChimeraSynth 21:42
  • 004CalmMain1:34
  • 005StreamMain1:37
  • 006AeonMain1:27
  • 007Frozen HeartMain1:31
  • 008Lost ThoughtsMain1:37
  • 009StillnessMain1:37
  • 010EosMain1:29
  • 011GleamMain1:27
  • 012Shape And FormMain1:43
  • 013ContemplationMain1:48
  • 014AerialMain1:55
  • 015AerialSynths1:55
  • 016Fields Of FireMain1:36
  • 017Fields Of FirePiano Only1:36
  • 018Fields Of FireSynths Only1:36
  • 019A Soul SearchedMain1:31
  • 020A Soul SearchedNo Piano1:31
  • 021SereneMain1:28
  • 022SereneSynths1:28
  • 023AtonementMain1:38
  • 024AtonementNo Beat1:38
  • 025AtonementNo Piano1:38




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