Military Engagement

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Military Engagement HPM4150

Sound the battle cry! It's time for war

Hitpoint Music HPM4150

  • 001Brutal TrainingMain1:42
  • 002Brutal TrainingNo SFX1:42
  • 003Brutal TrainingEnd Sting0:08
  • 004Brutal TrainingEnd Sting Punch0:06
  • 005Brutal TrainingMain Sting0:06
  • 006Brutal TrainingMain Sting Punch0:04
  • 007ResolvementMain2:25
  • 008SAS Drone Hi TensionMain2:02
  • 009SAS Drone Hi TensionSparse2:00
  • 010SAS EasternMain0:41
  • 011The TestMain1:49
  • 012The TestNo Perc1:49
  • 013The TestNo Strings1:49
  • 014The TestDrums Synths1:49
  • 015The Test30sec0:30
  • 016The TestSting0:07
  • 017InitiateMain1:30
  • 018InitiateNo Perc1:30
  • 019InitiateNo Strings1:30
  • 020InitiateStrings1:30
  • 021In ControlMain1:34
  • 022A Call To ArmsMain2:03
  • 023A Call To ArmsSting0:09
  • 024Suit Up Boots DownMain1:48
  • 025Suit Up Boots DownDrums Bass1:48
  • 026Suit Up Boots DownNo Perc1:48
  • 027Suit Up Boots DownNo Strings1:48
  • 028Suit Up Boots DownPerc Only1:48
  • 029Suit Up Boots DownCombo0:07
  • 030Suit Up Boots DownPunch0:03
  • 031Suit Up Boots DownPunches0:04
  • 032Suit Up Boots DownSwipe0:07
  • 033Cross CountryMain1:01
  • 034Iron CoreMain1:28
  • 035Iron CoreBig Drums And Sweep1:28
  • 036Iron CoreBig Drums Only1:26
  • 037Iron CoreNo Big Drums1:28
  • 038Iron CoreSparse1:28
  • 039Iron CorePunch0:07
  • 040Iron CoreSting0:09
  • 041Armies And SleeviesMain2:02
  • 042AmmoMain3:44




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