Decades 1970s

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Decades 1970s HPM4149

Funky grooves of the 1970s

Hitpoint Music HPM4149

  • 001Big BassMain2:08
  • 002Hot MachineMain1:57
  • 003Casino DiceMain1:17
  • 004Smoov GroovMain1:01
  • 005New DawnMain2:44
  • 006New DawnDrums Perc Bass2:44
  • 007New DawnDrums Perc2:44
  • 008New DawnGuitars Keys2:44
  • 009Wah HawMain2:05
  • 010Wah HawNo Beats2:05
  • 011Wah HawSting0:11
  • 012Disco ShoesMain1:07
  • 013Shake Your HandsMain1:24
  • 014Shake Your HandsNo Vox1:24
  • 015Bang Bang Bass GrooveMain1:10
  • 016Funked Up BeatMain1:20
  • 017Artful DodgerMain1:06
  • 018Cheep ThrillsMain2:09
  • 019Good Cop Bad CopMain2:20
  • 020Good Cop Bad CopDrums Whooshes2:20
  • 021Good Cop Bad CopNo Whooshes2:20
  • 022Funk PopMain2:45
  • 023Funk PopNo Bass2:45
  • 024Funk PopNo Drums2:45
  • 025Funk PopNo Guitar2:45
  • 026Funk PopNo Keys2:45
  • 027Funky PopMain2:11
  • 028Funky PopDrums Bass2:11
  • 029Funky PopNo Drums2:11
  • 030Funky PopNo Drums No Lead2:11
  • 031Funky PopNo Guitars2:11
  • 032Funky PopNo Lead2:11
  • 033Funky PopNo Synth2:11




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