Decades 1960s

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Decades 1960s HPM4147

Music from the swinging 1960s

Hitpoint Music HPM4147

  • 001Sixties BlondeMain0:32
  • 002Sixties BlondeNo Whistle0:32
  • 003Sixties BlondeSparse 10:32
  • 004Sixties BlondeSparse 20:32
  • 005Sloppy JoeMain1:44
  • 006Soul FunkMain1:56
  • 007Soulful Dance BandMain1:35
  • 008That TrainMain2:33
  • 009That TrainNo Accordion2:33
  • 010Mellow FellowMain1:33
  • 011Mellow FellowMallets Keys1:33
  • 012Mellow FellowNo Bass1:33
  • 013Mellow FellowNo Perc1:33
  • 014Mellow FellowSting0:17
  • 015Sunshine DriveMain1:15
  • 016Strutting OutMain2:04
  • 017Twilight GrooveMain2:13
  • 018Carnaby StreetMain1:12
  • 019Chalk Farm WalkMain1:05
  • 020Cook ItMain2:04
  • 021Trouser SnacksMain1:19
  • 022PandemoniumMain1:00
  • 023Purple BandanaMain1:52




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