World Traveller

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World Traveller HPM4142

General world music sounds, as well as Australia, the Caribbean and Latin America

Hitpoint Music HPM4142

  • 001Tribal ChiefMain1:05
  • 002Tribal ChiefNo Perc1:05
  • 003Tribal ChiefPads Perc1:05
  • 004Native LandMain1:27
  • 005Native LandNo Perc1:27
  • 006Epic Drummers TooMain0:35
  • 007Edge HedgerMain1:11
  • 008Bam BoozleMain1:33
  • 009Lovely DayMain0:53
  • 010Hawaiian SunsetMain2:25
  • 011Beach LifeMain1:10
  • 012Coconut ChillMain1:41
  • 013Coconut ChillNo Perc1:41
  • 014Island ExplorerMain1:08
  • 015Island ExplorerNo Flute1:08
  • 016Down UnderidooMain1:18
  • 017Down UnderidooNo Perc1:18
  • 018Outback TrailMain1:26
  • 019Teasing TangoMain1:40
  • 020Teasing TangoNo Perc1:40
  • 021Teasing TangoNo Strings1:40
  • 022Teasing TangoNo Woodwind1:40
  • 023Teasing Tango30sec0:30
  • 024Teasing TangoSting0:07
  • 025Spiders Night OutMain1:43
  • 026Running LateMain1:25
  • 027Caribbean MoonlightMain1:56
  • 028Lateeny LatinyMain1:47




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