Euro Quirks

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Euro Quirks HPM4140

The quirkier comedy side of European culture

Hitpoint Music HPM4140

  • 001SophisticationMain1:40
  • 002SouffleMain1:19
  • 003SouffleNo Melody1:19
  • 004SouffleNo Perc1:19
  • 005Souffle30sec0:30
  • 006Amuse BoucheMain1:15
  • 007Amuse BoucheNo Accordion1:15
  • 008Amuse BoucheNo Piano1:15
  • 009Cafe SwingMain2:07
  • 010Cafe Swing30sec0:34
  • 011Bavarian BoozerMain1:11
  • 012Bavarian BoozerNo Intro1:01
  • 013Bavarian BoozerNo Brass1:11
  • 014Bavarian BoozerBrass1:11
  • 015ProhibitionMain0:57
  • 016Plate Smashing SwingMain2:18
  • 017Hammock TimeMain1:48
  • 018Hammock TimeNo Top Line1:50
  • 019Rue De ProvenceMain1:30
  • 020Mango TangoMain1:35
  • 021Le Boulanger ContentMain1:23
  • 022Undercover ProwlMain1:04
  • 023Undercover ProwlBass Drums1:06
  • 024Undercover ProwlGuitar Groove1:04
  • 025Undercover ProwlGuitar Only0:57
  • 026Undercover ProwlNo Guitar1:04
  • 027Trail The DjangoMain1:35
  • 028Accordion WaltzMain1:12
  • 029Accordion WaltzNo Lead1:12




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