Journey To Europe

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Journey To Europe HPM4139

Taking you on a journey across Europe

Hitpoint Music HPM4139

  • 001Russia OpenerMain1:14
  • 002Russia OpenerNo Perc1:14
  • 003Russia OpenerSparse1:14
  • 004Russia OpenerEthnic Instruments1:14
  • 005Russia NeutralMain1:21
  • 006Russia NeutralSparse1:21
  • 007Russia NeutralEthnic Instruments1:21
  • 008To The EastMain1:57
  • 009To The EastNo Ethnic Guitar1:57
  • 010To The EastBed Loop1:20
  • 011CreteMain1:28
  • 012Budapest SuspenseMain1:31
  • 013Budapest SuspenseNo Solo Violin1:31
  • 014Budapest SuspenseSolo Violin1:31
  • 015Athens AwaitsMain1:08
  • 016Athens AwaitsNo Perc1:08
  • 017Athens AwaitsNo Violin1:08
  • 018Lazy BossaMain2:07
  • 019Lazy Bossa30sec0:39
  • 020GlisteningMain1:37
  • 021Spanish SummerMain1:44
  • 022Spanish SummerNo Claps1:44
  • 023My Spanish SoulMain1:37
  • 024My Spanish SoulSting0:10
  • 025Dead RomanceMain1:51
  • 026City NightMain1:41
  • 027A Final WaltzMain2:05
  • 028Gypsicato WaltzMain3:14




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