Magical Underscore

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Magical Underscore HPM4131

Incidental background music with a light magical touch

Hitpoint Music HPM4131

  • 001ImaginationMain1:41
  • 002ImaginationPiano1:41
  • 003Box Of DelightsMain1:56
  • 004Fateful MeetingMain1:40
  • 005Quite QuirkyMain1:23
  • 006Quite QuirkyStrings1:23
  • 007In DreamsMain1:07
  • 008Pesky GnomesMain1:28
  • 009Pesky GnomesNo Mallets1:28
  • 010Pesky GnomesNo Perc1:28
  • 011Pesky GnomesNo Strings1:28
  • 012Rather StrangeMain1:08
  • 013Rather StrangeNo Perc1:08
  • 014Rather StrangeStrings Only1:08
  • 015Enchanted ManorMain1:20
  • 016Baby StepsMain0:35
  • 017Baby StepsStrings0:22
  • 018Window ChopinMain2:33
  • 019Window ChopinNo Lead0:56
  • 020Window ChopinNo Lead Perc0:56
  • 021TricksyMain1:22
  • 022TricksyNo Strings1:22
  • 023TricksyStrings1:22
  • 024Morning RiseMain0:52
  • 025Magic DustMain1:50
  • 026Jumping BeansMain1:34
  • 027Jumping BeansGapped Mix2:55
  • 028Music Box MagicMain1:18
  • 029A Childs ImaginationMain1:32
  • 030A Childs ImaginationNo Mallets1:32
  • 031A Childs ImaginationNo Perc1:32
  • 032A Childs ImaginationNo Strings1:32
  • 033A Childs ImaginationStrings1:32




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