Pop Styles 1980s

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Pop Styles 1980s HPM4127

Pop music styles of the 1980s

Hitpoint Music HPM4127

  • 001Coconut LoverMain1:49
  • 002Coconut LoverNo Drums1:49
  • 003Delta JamMain1:32
  • 004Delta JamNo Beat1:30
  • 005Delta JamDrums Bass Arp1:32
  • 006Delta JamDrums Bass Guitars1:32
  • 007Delta JamDrums Bass Synths1:32
  • 008Delta JamDrums Bass Strings Brass1:32
  • 009Cruising In StyleMain1:49
  • 010Cruising In StyleNo Drums1:49
  • 011Cruising In StyleNo Lead Guitar1:49
  • 012Cruising In StyleNo Guitars1:49
  • 013Cruising In StyleNo Drums Guitars1:49
  • 014Halloween EightiesMain1:51
  • 015Future CityMain1:46
  • 016Eighties FleapitMain1:52
  • 017Last TimeMain1:24
  • 018The ClavMain2:14
  • 019The ClavBeats Wah2:14
  • 020The ClavSting0:14
  • 021Walking The DistanceMain2:44
  • 022Walking The DistanceNo Guitar2:44
  • 023Walking The DistanceSparse2:44
  • 024Partly AlesisMain1:33
  • 025Rosemary FriesMain1:59
  • 026BlocksMain1:56
  • 027BlocksBass1:03
  • 028BlocksDrums1:56
  • 029BlocksNo Lead1:57
  • 030BlocksSynth0:28
  • 031Traffic LightsMain1:21




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