Vintage Video Games

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Vintage Video Games HPM4125

2 bit tunes in classic 80s video game styles

Hitpoint Music HPM4125

  • 001Two Bit TerrorMain1:19
  • 002Sine WavesMain2:03
  • 003Backwards BabyMain1:07
  • 004Game BotsMain1:00
  • 005Gameboy ThiefMain1:56
  • 006Gameboy ThiefNo Lead1:56
  • 007Gameboy ThiefNo Perc1:56
  • 008Gameboy Thief30sec A0:31
  • 009Gameboy Thief30sec B0:31
  • 010Look Around YouMain0:57
  • 011Look Around YouBass0:29
  • 012Look Around YouLead0:42
  • 013RacerMain1:00
  • 014RacerGuitars1:00
  • 015RacerNo Lead1:00
  • 016RacerNo Top0:59
  • 017RacerRhythm0:59
  • 018RacerSparse0:54




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