Dark Soundscapes

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Dark Soundscapes HPM4123

Underscore collection of dramatic, tense, suspenseful and horrific soundscapes

Hitpoint Music HPM4123

  • 001Dead EndMain1:39
  • 002PrimitiveMain1:38
  • 003Mask The PainMain1:46
  • 004Mask The PainNo Perc1:46
  • 005Target EradicatedMain1:54
  • 006Hold The LineMain1:33
  • 007ImpendingMain1:33
  • 008UnstableMain1:41
  • 009LacerateMain1:45
  • 010Dawn FallMain1:42
  • 011Disturbed MindMain1:40
  • 012Disturbed MindPerc1:40
  • 013Disturbed MindStrings1:40
  • 014Psych OutMain1:39
  • 015Awaiting AnswersMain1:32
  • 016UnhingedMain1:42
  • 017We WaitMain1:29
  • 018Warning OmenMain1:33
  • 019Internal FearMain1:42
  • 020The HuntedMain1:36
  • 021The HuntedStrings1:36
  • 022The HuntedSynths1:36
  • 023Wheres The GlueMain1:10




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