Epic Stings

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Epic Stings HPM4117

Epic orchestral stings - let battle commence

Hitpoint Music HPM4117

  • 001Chaos OneMain0:09
  • 002Chaos OneRise Only0:09
  • 003Chaos OneHit Only0:09
  • 004Chaos TwoMain0:10
  • 005Chaos TwoRise Only0:10
  • 006Chaos TwoHit Only0:10
  • 007Chaos ThreeMain0:09
  • 008Chaos ThreeRise Only0:09
  • 009Chaos ThreeHit Only0:09
  • 010Chaos FourMain0:12
  • 011Chaos FourRise Only0:12
  • 012Chaos FourHit Only0:12
  • 013Chaos FiveMain0:11
  • 014Chaos FiveRise Only0:11
  • 015Chaos FiveHit Only0:11
  • 016Raw RiseMain0:23
  • 017Raw RiseLow Mix0:35
  • 018Raw RisePunch0:05
  • 019Forces Blast ShockMain0:38
  • 020Ultimate Hell Sting 1Main0:09
  • 021Ultimate Hell Sting 2Main0:10
  • 022Ultimate Hell Sting 3Main0:09
  • 023Ultimate Hell Sting 4Main0:09
  • 024Ultimate Hell Sting 5Main0:13
  • 025Ultimate Hell Sting 6Main0:07
  • 026Ultimate Hell Sting 7Main0:07
  • 027Shutter Opens 1Main0:12
  • 028Shutter Opens 2Main0:10
  • 029FX Moments 1Main0:16
  • 030FX Moments 2Main0:11
  • 031FX Moments 3Main0:13




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