Jazz And Blues Stings

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Jazz And Blues Stings HPM4116

Short stings and transitions in jazz and blues styles

Hitpoint Music HPM4116

  • 001Cocktail TimeMain0:11
  • 002Bar Stories OneMain0:12
  • 003Bar Stories TwoMain0:11
  • 004Bar Stories ThreeMain0:16
  • 005Bar Stories FourMain0:17
  • 006Bar Stories FiveMain0:13
  • 007Wet SidewalkMain0:22
  • 008Vegas DreamsMain0:16
  • 009Two AcesMain0:13
  • 010Scatter WireMain0:21
  • 011Say WhatMain0:07
  • 012Pink NeonMain0:12
  • 013Looney TwangMain0:23
  • 014Easy CountryMain0:27
  • 015La CabMain0:16




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