Happy Days

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Happy Days HPM4106

Cheerful upbeat music for a new day or a satisfactory conclusion

Hitpoint Music HPM4106

  • 001Seize The DayMain2:07
  • 002Seize The DayNo Drums Bass2:07
  • 003Seize The DayNo Guitars2:07
  • 004Seize The DayNo Mallets Piano2:07
  • 005Seize The DayNo Piano2:07
  • 006Seize The DayShort Mix1:07
  • 007Happy StrollMain1:27
  • 008Happy StrollPiano1:27
  • 009TomorrowMain2:15
  • 010TomorrowNo Perc2:15
  • 011TomorrowNo Banjo2:15
  • 012TomorrowRhythm Section2:15
  • 013Whole AgainMain1:18
  • 014Whole AgainNo Piano1:18
  • 015Whole AgainDulcitone1:18
  • 016Whole AgainMallets1:18
  • 017Whole AgainSting0:09
  • 018Whole AgainSting Sparse0:09
  • 019PossibilitiesMain1:31
  • 020PossibilitiesNo Perc1:31
  • 021PossibilitiesNo Strings1:31
  • 022Toe TapperMain1:29
  • 023Toe TapperNo Perc1:29
  • 024Toe TapperNo Piano1:29
  • 025Toe TapperRhythm Section1:29
  • 026FirefliesMain2:18
  • 027FirefliesNo Perc2:18
  • 028FirefliesNo Strings2:18
  • 029FirefliesPiano Synths2:18
  • 030FirefliesPiano2:18
  • 031Tea Party TimeMain1:24
  • 032Tea Party TimeNo Perc1:24
  • 033Tea Party TimeNo Strings1:24
  • 034Tea Party Time20sec0:20
  • 035Tea Party TimeSting0:07
  • 036FrostyMain2:03
  • 037FrostyNo Mallets2:03
  • 038FrostyNo Perc2:03
  • 039FrostyNo Vocals2:03
  • 040Forever FriendsMain1:42
  • 041Forever FriendsNo Mallets1:42
  • 042Forever FriendsNo Perc1:42
  • 043Forever FriendsGuitars1:42




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