Pop Songs

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Pop Songs HPM4102

Catchy modern pop songs with male lead vocals

Hitpoint Music HPM4102

  • 001Beautiful DayMain2:53
  • 002Beautiful DayLess Vox2:53
  • 003Beautiful DayNo Vox2:53
  • 004Beautiful Day30sec0:33
  • 005Beautiful Day30sec Less Vox0:33
  • 006Beautiful Day30sec No Vox0:33
  • 007I Set The PaceMain2:11
  • 008I Set The PaceNo Vocals2:11
  • 009Eighty Proof RuleMain2:42
  • 010Eighty Proof RuleNo Verse Vocals2:42
  • 011Eighty Proof RuleNo Vocals2:42
  • 012Funky Rhythm MusicMain1:51
  • 013Funky Rhythm MusicNo Vox1:51
  • 014Funky Rhythm MusicNo Vox Filter1:51
  • 015Be YouMain3:35
  • 016Be YouLess Vox2:31
  • 017Be YouNo Vox2:31
  • 018Red Is The ColourMain3:24
  • 019Red Is The ColourShort Less Vox1:41
  • 020Red Is The ColourShort No Vox1:41




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