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Calls EM5336

Atmospheric Electronica with moments of both ambient beauty and dark tension

Encore Merci EM5336

  • 001Orbital HolidaysMain3:04
  • 002Orbital HolidaysNo Drums3:01
  • 003Orbital HolidaysNo Guitar3:01
  • 004Orbital HolidaysNo Drums No Guitar3:01
  • 005Orbital HolidaysNo Synth3:01
  • 006Orbital Holidays30 Sec0:28
  • 007Colours in DreamsMain4:00
  • 008Colours in DreamsNo Drums4:00
  • 009Colours in DreamsNo Synth4:00
  • 010Colours in Dreams30 Sec0:28
  • 011ResistanceMain2:05
  • 012ResistanceNo Drums2:04
  • 013ResistanceNo Strings2:04
  • 014ResistanceNo Drums No Strings2:04
  • 015ResistanceNo Harpsichord2:04
  • 016Resistance30 Sec0:28
  • 017CallsMain1:28
  • 018Calls30 Sec0:28
  • 019Ground OneMain2:02
  • 020Ground OneNo Drums2:02
  • 021Ground OneNo Guitar2:02
  • 022Ground One30 Sec0:28
  • 023Thousand of LightsMain3:15
  • 024Thousand of LightsNo Drums3:14
  • 025Thousand of Lights30 Sec0:28
  • 026Bohemian GroveMain2:37
  • 027Bohemian GroveNo Drums2:37
  • 028Bohemian GroveNo Synth2:37
  • 029Bohemian Grove30 Sec0:28
  • 030Bad EncounterMain1:48
  • 031Bad Encounter30 Sec0:28
  • 032Way OutMain2:01
  • 033Way OutNo Drums2:01
  • 034Way OutNo Theme2:01
  • 035Way Out30 Sec0:28




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