Acoustic Stories

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Acoustic Stories EM5333

Beautiful acoustic pieces from suspense to mystery.

Encore Merci EM5333

  • 001Look At LifeMain1:29
  • 002Look At LifeOnly violin pizz, piano, bass1:29
  • 003Look At LifeOnly guitar, xylo, marimba0:39
  • 004Look At Life30 Sec0:30
  • 005Look At LifeSting0:04
  • 006Feather LightMain1:41
  • 007Feather LightOnly guitar, piano1:41
  • 008Feather Light30 Sec0:29
  • 009Feather LightSting0:05
  • 010Against TimeMain1:57
  • 011Against TimeOnly marimba, piano, bass1:32
  • 012Against TimeOnly ukulele, guitar, bass0:53
  • 013Against Time30 Sec0:29
  • 014Against TimeSting0:03
  • 015The Tipping PointMain1:43
  • 016The Tipping PointOnly piano, muted piano1:45
  • 017The Tipping PointOnly guitar, muted piano0:52
  • 018The Tipping Point30 Sec0:29
  • 019The Tipping PointSting0:05
  • 020Acoustic StoriesMain2:03
  • 021Acoustic StoriesNo piano, No charango2:02
  • 022Acoustic StoriesOnly piano, FX2:03
  • 023Acoustic Stories30 Sec0:30
  • 024Changing CloudsMain2:10
  • 025Changing CloudsNo flugelhorn, No guitar, No cymbal2:10
  • 026Changing CloudsNo rhodes, No sanza, No cymbal2:11
  • 027Changing Clouds30 Sec0:30
  • 028Changing CloudsSting0:05
  • 029Empty HallMain1:54
  • 030Empty HallOnly piano1:27
  • 031Empty HallOnly guitar, xylo, marimba1:22
  • 032Empty Hall30 Sec0:29
  • 033Empty HallSting0:05
  • 034Elegant DesignMain1:41
  • 035Elegant DesignOnly marimba, rythmic piano, bass1:29
  • 036Elegant DesignOnly guitar, hang, perc0:56
  • 037Elegant Design30 Sec0:30
  • 038Elegant DesignSting0:05
  • 039Looking BackwardMain1:59
  • 040Looking BackwardNo piano1:58
  • 041Looking BackwardOnly piano0:54
  • 042Looking Backward30 Sec0:31
  • 043Looking BackwardSting0:04




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