Upside Down Dreams

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Upside Down Dreams EM5329

Delicate and elegant acoustic and electronic moods for documentary.

Encore Merci EM5329

  • 001Street GardensMain2:41
  • 002Street GardensNo Lead2:41
  • 003Street GardensNo Percs2:41
  • 004Street GardensNo Lead No Percs2:41
  • 005Street Gardens30 Sec0:32
  • 006The Lonely ManMain1:31
  • 007The Lonely ManNo Orchestra1:31
  • 008The Lonely Man30 Sec0:34
  • 009CravingMain2:05
  • 010CravingNo Lead1:57
  • 011CravingNo Percs2:07
  • 012CravingNo Lead No Percs1:56
  • 013Craving30 Sec0:31
  • 014New Way HomeMain2:00
  • 015Lake Of SerenityMain1:57
  • 016Some Yards BeforeMain2:42
  • 017Some Yards BeforeNo Lead2:42
  • 018Some Yards BeforeNo Percs2:42
  • 019Some Yards BeforeNo Lead No Percs2:42
  • 020Some Yards Before30 Sec0:32
  • 021Upside Down DreamsMain2:10
  • 022Upside Down DreamsNo Lead2:10
  • 023Upside Down DreamsNo Percs2:10
  • 024Upside Down DreamsNo Lead No Percs2:10
  • 025Upside Down Dreams30 Sec0:30
  • 026The ManorMain2:18
  • 027The ManorNo Orchestra2:20
  • 028The Manor30 Sec0:32
  • 029Tokyo At NightMain1:48
  • 030Tokyo At NightNo Lead1:48
  • 031Tokyo At NightNo Percs1:48
  • 032Tokyo At NightNo Lead No Percs1:48
  • 033Tokyo At Night30 Sec0:34
  • 034Old Sailor BluesMain2:52
  • 035Old Sailor BluesNo Lead2:40
  • 036Old Sailor BluesNo Percs2:52
  • 037Old Sailor BluesNo Lead No Percs2:52
  • 038Old Sailor Blues30 Sec0:34




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