Sax Variations

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Sax Variations EM5322

Series of solo instruments for creative content : The Saxophone

Encore Merci EM5322

  • 001Lazy Sax TrackMain1:29
  • 002Mysterious Sax TrackMain1:39
  • 003Drunky Sax TrackMain0:44
  • 004Funny Sax TrackMain1:07
  • 005Buzzing Sax TrackMain1:27
  • 006Chasing Sax TrackMain1:36
  • 007Urgent Sax TrackMain1:13
  • 008Free Sax TrackMain1:20
  • 009Contemporary Sax TrackMain1:19
  • 010Feelgood Sax TrackMain1:33
  • 011Joyful Sax TrackMain1:31
  • 012Feria Sax TrackMain1:26
  • 013Positive Sax TrackMain1:46
  • 014Speedy Sax TrackMain0:24
  • 015Delicate Sax TrackMain1:31
  • 016Nostalgic Sax TrackMain1:08
  • 017Tango Sax TrackMain0:32
  • 018Clownish Sax TrackMain1:58
  • 019Romantic Sax TrackMain1:08
  • 020Parisian Sax TrackMain2:22
  • 021Retro Sax TrackMain1:02
  • 022Montmartre Sax TrackMain1:26
  • 023Carousel Sax TrackMain1:39
  • 024Slow Sax TrackMain1:41
  • 025Sensual Sax TrackMain2:10
  • 026Sexy Sax TrackMain1:37
  • 027Peaceful Sax TrackMain0:47
  • 028Virtuoso Sax TrackMain1:26
  • 029Cartoon Sax TrackMain1:14
  • 030Happy End Sax TrackMain1:04




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