Dark Frame Of Mind

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Dark Frame Of Mind EM5314

Mysterious post-rock drama from deep nostalgic atmospheres to powerful epic rock.

Encore Merci EM5314

  • 001Strange DestinyMain1:57
  • 002Strange DestinyNo Lead Guitar1:57
  • 003Strange DestinyUnderscore1:57
  • 004Desolate RoadMain2:35
  • 005Desolate RoadNo Lead Guitar2:35
  • 006Desolate RoadUnderscore2:34
  • 007Glimmers Of HopeMain2:28
  • 008Glimmers Of HopeNo Leads2:28
  • 009Glimmers Of HopeUnderscore2:28
  • 010Moment Of IntrospectionMain2:04
  • 011Moment Of IntrospectionNo Leads2:04
  • 012Moment Of IntrospectionUnderscore2:04
  • 013Good Place To StartMain2:27
  • 014Good Place To StartNo Leads2:25
  • 015Dark Frame Of MindMain2:02
  • 016Dark Frame Of MindNo Leads2:03
  • 017Dark Frame Of MindUnderscore2:03
  • 018Troubled AwakeningMain2:30
  • 019Troubled AwakeningNo Leads2:30
  • 020Troubled AwakeningUnderscore2:30
  • 021Pandemic AlertMain2:02
  • 022Pandemic AlertNo Leads2:02
  • 023Pandemic AlertUnderscore2:02
  • 024Fatal ConsequencesMain2:23
  • 025Fatal ConsequencesNo Leads2:22
  • 026Fatal ConsequencesUnderscore2:22
  • 027Well Kept SecretMain1:31
  • 028Well Kept SecretNo Leads1:32




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