Santa Close

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Santa Close EM5311

Santa Close breathes new life into the Advent season. Christmas songs in an unconventional way: from electro to trap, sometimes rocking, sometimes playful. Electro, trap, quirky and rock.

Encore Merci EM5311

  • 001Holy Trap NightMain1:59
  • 002Holy Trap NightNo Christmas1:59
  • 003Holy Trap NightLight1:59
  • 004Holy Trap NightUnderscore1:59
  • 005Rocking XmasMain2:19
  • 006Rocking XmasNo Christmas2:19
  • 007Rocking XmasLight2:19
  • 008Rocking XmasJazzy2:19
  • 009Happy Family XmasMain2:09
  • 010Happy Family XmasNo Christmas2:09
  • 011Happy Family XmasNo Sleigh Bells2:09
  • 012Happy Family XmasLight2:09
  • 013Happy Family XmasNo Christmas Underscore2:09
  • 014Punky XmasMain1:51
  • 015Punky XmasNo Christmas1:51
  • 016Punky XmasLight & Solo1:51
  • 017Punky XmasUnderscore1:51
  • 018Future XmasMain2:24
  • 019Future XmasNo Christmas2:24
  • 020Future XmasLight2:24
  • 021Future XmasUnderscore2:24
  • 022Xmas At LastMain3:21
  • 023Xmas At LastNo Christmas3:21
  • 024Xmas At LastNo Remix0:55
  • 025Xmas At LastLight3:21
  • 026Xmas At LastUnderscore3:21
  • 027Santa CloseMain1:35
  • 028Santa CloseNo Christmas1:35
  • 029Santa CloseLight1:35
  • 030Santa CloseChildish1:35
  • 031Santa CloseClassroom1:35
  • 032Exotic XmasMain1:59
  • 033Exotic XmasNo Christmas1:59
  • 034Exotic XmasLight1:59
  • 035Exotic XmasUnderscore1:59
  • 036United XmasMain2:24
  • 037United XmasNo Christmas2:24
  • 038United XmasLight2:24
  • 039United XmasLight Underscore2:24
  • 040United XmasUnderscore2:24
  • 041United Xmas30 Seconds Edit, No Christmas0:30
  • 042House XmasMain2:22
  • 043House XmasNo Christmas2:22
  • 044House XmasLight2:22
  • 045House XmasLight Underscore2:22
  • 046House XmasUnderscore2:22




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