Dark Blue Movements

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Dark Blue Movements EM5309

Dark Blue Movements takes us into a lonely and dark scenery. Emotional scores with piano and synthesizers, spherical and stately. From gloomy to full of suspense. Music like from a Scandinavian thriller.

Encore Merci EM5309

  • 001From Seed To TreeMain1:43
  • 002Water DepthsMain2:27
  • 003The Impossible ReturnMain4:14
  • 004Alter CourseMain3:02
  • 005Dark Blue MovementsMain2:40
  • 006Tale Of RedemptionMain1:18
  • 007Red WednesdayMain4:20
  • 008The Rising SeaMain3:01
  • 009At Hight WaterMain1:35
  • 010Ikebukuro RainMain1:36
  • 011Anonymous NoteMain2:15
  • 012First ConcertMain2:01
  • 013Little LivesMain2:46




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