Emotional Piano Stories

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Emotional Piano Stories EM5305

Romantic and contemporary inspiring piano solo pieces.

Encore Merci EM5305

  • 001The Fabulous StoryMain2:47
  • 002Kind Of HappinessMain1:59
  • 003Peaceful Piano PieceMain1:39
  • 004Homeless ShelterMain3:02
  • 005Heartfelt BalladMain1:58
  • 006High ElevationMain2:02
  • 007Emotional Piano StoriesMain2:43
  • 008Romantic MovementMain2:15
  • 009French Piano MoodMain1:26
  • 010Impressionist TravelMain2:14
  • 011Lunch On GrassMain2:02
  • 012Desire And FantasyMain2:40
  • 013Meditative StateMain1:58
  • 014Contemporary ApproachMain2:59
  • 015Cyclical NatureMain3:42




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