Shades Of Light

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Shades Of Light EM5299

Light and shadow are closely related. Quality music for documentaries and crime.

Encore Merci EM5299

  • 001Shades Of LightMain1:58
  • 002Environmentally SoundMain2:05
  • 003Flying SomewhereMain2:04
  • 004Gaudi WayMain1:59
  • 005Circular StoryMain1:52
  • 006Fortune TellingMain2:57
  • 007Dark ViewMain2:13
  • 008Night FantasyMain1:45
  • 009Soft DeliquescenceMain2:54
  • 010Great AnticipationMain2:15
  • 011Sparkling PrismMain1:49
  • 012Electro RitornelloMain1:44
  • 013Gould ForeverMain2:06
  • 014Cascade EffectMain3:03
  • 015Unsigned MasterpieceMain2:05
  • 016Waves Of HarmonyMain1:47
  • 017High VibrationsMain2:08
  • 018Environmentally SoundUnderscore2:04
  • 019Flying SomewhereUnderscore2:03
  • 020Gaudi WayUnderscore1:59
  • 021Circular StoryUnderscore1:50
  • 022Fortune TellingUnderscore2:32
  • 023Dark ViewUnderscore1:46
  • 024Night FantasyUnderscore1:44
  • 025Great AnticipationUnderscore2:15
  • 026Sparkling PrismUnderscore1:50
  • 027Electro RitornelloUnderscore1:44
  • 028Gould ForeverUnderscore1:35
  • 029Unsigned MasterpieceUnderscore2:03




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