Light Electronica

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Light Electronica EM5292

Electro smart, from luxury to beach parties with a hint of French Touch.

Encore Merci EM5292

  • 001Light electronicaMain2:46
  • 002Softly fadingMain2:19
  • 003Flowing eleganceMain2:15
  • 004Shining happinessMain2:56
  • 005Voluptuous touchMain2:53
  • 006Radiant arrowMain2:11
  • 007Sleek danceMain2:21
  • 008Fancy velvetMain2:37
  • 009Underworld delicacyMain2:28
  • 010Funky day outMain2:25
  • 011Smooth and smartMain3:24
  • 012Hip summer vibesMain2:43
  • 013Starry dipMain2:31
  • 014Trendy grooverMain3:22
  • 015Trendy grooverUnderscore3:22




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