Smart Trailers

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Smart Trailers EM5281

This won’t be easy: orchestral scenes of the dark, mysterious, oppressive kind. Ideal for drama trailers, emotional moments, profound impressions.

Encore Merci EM5281

  • 001Fond MemoryMain1:42
  • 002Symphony in the DarkMain3:12
  • 003Lost OceanMain1:28
  • 004Human ConvictionMain1:42
  • 005First EscapeMain3:08
  • 006Night WatchmanMain2:50
  • 007Waiting for HappinessMain1:18
  • 008Infinity or NothingMain1:37
  • 009Shifting ContinentsMain1:55
  • 010Epic StoryMain1:32
  • 011Earth ViewMain2:08
  • 012Meta MorphosisMain3:13
  • 013Smart TrailersMain1:57
  • 014While The City BurnsMain2:11
  • 015Blind PilotMain2:28
  • 016Big CollapseMain2:34
  • 017Industrial CrashMain2:04
  • 018Lunatic StrangerMain1:30
  • 019Endless RaceMain3:00
  • 020Gentle WorldMain1:40
  • 021Dangerous TrailMain0:57
  • 022Android CrewMain2:34
  • 023Earth CloudMain1:21
  • 024Tricky SituationMain2:37
  • 025Golden RiverMain3:04
  • 026Fond MemoryNo Choir1:41
  • 027Fond MemoryNo Drum1:41
  • 028Fond MemoryUnderscore1:15
  • 029Symphony in the DarkNo Choir3:11
  • 030Lost OceanNo Choir1:28
  • 031Lost OceanNo Drum1:27
  • 032Lost OceanUnderscore1:28
  • 033Human ConvictionNo Choir1:42
  • 034Human ConvictionNo Drum1:42
  • 035Human ConvictionUnderscore1:03
  • 036Night WatchmanNo Choir2:50
  • 037Infinity or NothingNo Choir1:37
  • 038Infinity or NothingNo Drum1:37
  • 039Infinity or NothingUnderscore1:37
  • 040Shifting ContinentsShort0:30
  • 041Epic StoryNo Choir1:31
  • 042Epic StoryNo Drum1:31
  • 043Epic StoryUnderscore1:32
  • 044Earth ViewNo Choir2:08
  • 045Smart TrailersNo Drum1:56
  • 046While The City BurnsNo Choir2:11
  • 047Blind PilotNo Choir2:28
  • 048Industrial CrashNo Choir2:05
  • 049Lunatic StrangerNo Choir1:30
  • 050Lunatic StrangerNo Drum1:30
  • 051Lunatic StrangerUnderscore1:24
  • 052Endless RaceShort0:30
  • 053Earth CloudShort0:30




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