Luxe For Life

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Luxe For Life EM5280

A wide choice of luscious colours from orchestral to elecronica. Suits both fairyland and catwalk, but also landscapes, documentary, fashion and lifestyle.

Encore Merci EM5280

  • 001Secret FragranceMain3:01
  • 002Celestial JewelsMain3:07
  • 003Luxe For LifeMain1:50
  • 004Diamond HeartMain2:13
  • 005Royal MysteryMain2:09
  • 006Palace CeremonyMain2:52
  • 007Timeless LuxuryMain2:49
  • 008Purple And GoldMain3:26
  • 009Secret FragranceRemix2:28
  • 010Blue FashionMain2:49
  • 011Digital FreedomMain2:13
  • 012Luxurious TrackMain3:04
  • 013Smartly SphereMain2:58
  • 014Elegant WayMain3:05
  • 015Young And CarefreeMain2:13
  • 016Dreamy BodyMain2:08




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