Cool Mix

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Cool Mix EM5279

Smooth and groovy trip hop - electro tracks mixing cool and funky sounds, positive and melancholic moods. Groovy baby!

Encore Merci EM5279

  • 001Glory NightMain2:55
  • 002Ruby LipsMain2:30
  • 003Cool MixMain3:25
  • 004Sound ConspiracyMain2:04
  • 005Baby MixMain2:08
  • 006Candy AppleMain2:39
  • 007Smooth FunkMain3:13
  • 008Smooth HappinessMain2:42
  • 009Sustain CutMain2:58
  • 010Joy At LastMain1:45
  • 011Rainy TrailMain1:51
  • 012Flava MoodMain1:52
  • 013Red SessionMain1:42
  • 014Lucky LoverMain2:27
  • 015Ice FloeMain1:40
  • 016Natural HavenMain1:52
  • 017Raspberry JamMain1:54
  • 018Giraffe GauchoMain2:09




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