Melting Pop

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Melting Pop EM5277

Pop rock and electro pop songs. Positive, happy. 80's and 90's inspired. Reportage, Urban, Free Time, Hobby.

Encore Merci EM5277

  • 001Dakota EndMain2:16
  • 002Happy GrooverMain2:19
  • 003No ComplexMain2:16
  • 004HeydayMain2:16
  • 005Love WarriorsMain2:18
  • 006Melting PopMain2:35
  • 007Life At LastMain2:18
  • 008To The TopMain2:18
  • 009Dobro PlayerMain2:35
  • 010Acoustic BrushMain2:29
  • 011The OptimisticMain2:04
  • 012Rock & RootsMain2:13
  • 013HotpointMain2:22
  • 014British RiseMain2:22
  • 015Fetish GuitarMain2:27
  • 016Glam FashionMain2:18
  • 017Summer StyleMain2:05
  • 018The VigneMain2:08
  • 019Punch For JusticeMain2:25
  • 020RockheadMain2:19
  • 021In The BayouMain2:16
  • 022Traces Of LoveMain2:37
  • 023StarcasticMain2:03
  • 024Pop VibrationMain2:19
  • 025Carried AwayMain2:28
  • 026Sweet JoyMain2:31




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