Sweet Guitars

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Sweet Guitars EM5253

Subtle, tranquil and relaxed, created exclusively by acoustic guitars; goes well with landscape, holidays, romantic scenes.

Encore Merci EM5253

  • 001Sweet GuitarsMain2:42
  • 002Sliding WayMain2:44
  • 003White PageMain2:51
  • 004Scottish CharmMain2:55
  • 005EnsembleMain2:26
  • 006Mento OneMain2:28
  • 007Nuit BlancheMain2:58
  • 008Zouk HeroMain3:02
  • 009Garota Do SolMain2:59
  • 010Mister PickingMain3:06
  • 011Acoustic BazaarMain2:56
  • 012Salsa BuenaMain3:20
  • 013Valse Du Palais-RoyalMain2:38
  • 014BoleriaMain2:40
  • 015African MoodMain2:33
  • 016Taquile SkyMain2:52
  • 017Jazzy SmileMain2:15
  • 018BolerinoMain2:45
  • 019HorizonteMain2:54
  • 020SambandoMain2:57
  • 021Fest BreizhMain2:04
  • 022Latin BluesMain2:18
  • 023Under The RainbowMain3:15
  • 024ManeiraMain2:42
  • 025Valsa De VeroMain2:14




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