Electro Culture

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Electro Culture EM5240

Relaxed electronic sounds from the depths of space.

Encore Merci EM5240

  • 001Electro CultureMain3:20
  • 002Secondary ProtocoleMain3:20
  • 003Limbo HitMain3:05
  • 004So Far So GoodMain3:58
  • 005Fatal TerrorMain3:41
  • 006Wild SpotMain3:29
  • 007Gold BellMain3:23
  • 008Lost AlienMain3:09
  • 009Dark SurveyMain3:26
  • 010Ultimate CredoMain3:32
  • 011Electro CultureDrums, Perc & Bass0:30
  • 012Electro CultureFender Theme & Perc With Vocal Chant0:30
  • 013Electro CultureDrums & Perc With Fx0:30
  • 014Electro CultureFender Theme With Drums0:30
  • 015Electro CultureDrums & Perc0:30
  • 016Secondary ProtocoleBouncy Rhythmics With Vocal Chant0:30
  • 017Secondary ProtocoleRhythmics Perc & Fender With Echo0:30
  • 018Secondary ProtocoleHigh Pads & Strong Linear Rhythmics0:30
  • 019Secondary ProtocoleStrong Rhythmics With Filtered Vocals0:30
  • 020Secondary ProtocoleStrong Linear Rhythmics0:30
  • 021Limbo HitFender With Echo Bass Drums & Perc0:30
  • 022Limbo HitFender With Echo & Ethereal Female Vocals0:30
  • 023Limbo HitRhythmics & Clavinet0:30
  • 024Limbo HitSynths Sequence With Female Vocals0:30
  • 025Limbo HitRhythmics & Perc0:30
  • 026So Far So GoodOrgan Loop Gimmick With Cymbals0:30
  • 027So Far So GoodReverberated Gtr Theme With Bass0:30
  • 028So Far So GoodReverberated Gtr Theme With Rhythmics0:30
  • 029So Far So GoodRhythmics & Single Guitar Chord0:30
  • 030So Far So GoodDrums & Single Gtr Chord0:30
  • 031Fatal TerrorRhythmics & Perc With Gtr &Synth Textures0:30
  • 032Fatal TerrorRhythmics & Perc With Rhythmics Gtr & Fx0:30
  • 033Fatal TerrorDriving Drums & Perc0:30
  • 034Fatal TerrorSynths Sequence With Hooting Fx0:30
  • 035Fatal TerrorRhythmic Gtr With Perc0:30
  • 036Wild SpotOrgan With Bass Riff & Hh0:30
  • 037Wild SpotKick & Bass With Filtered Industrial Perc0:30
  • 038Wild SpotBass Gimmick With Filtered Rhythmics0:30
  • 039Wild SpotOrgan & Clavinet With Filtered Rhythmics0:30
  • 040Wild SpotKick & Filtered Industrial Perc0:30
  • 041Gold BellRhythmics With Saturated Gtr & Sound Effects0:30
  • 042Gold BellLight Rhythmics With Fender Echo & Fx0:30
  • 043Gold BellPerc & Sound Effects0:30
  • 044Gold BellRhythmics With Minimal Perc Gimmick0:30
  • 045Gold BellRhythmics & Perc0:30
  • 046Lost AlienPerc Bass Fender & Electric Gtr0:30
  • 047Lost AlienBass & Drums With Synth Lines0:30
  • 048Lost AlienBass Perc Fender & Repetitive Male Vocal0:30
  • 049Lost AlienDrums Perc Organ & Sound Effects0:30
  • 050Lost AlienDriving Drums0:30
  • 051Dark SurveyBass With Perc0:30
  • 052Dark SurveyDrums & Bass With Filtered Gtr Riff0:30
  • 053Dark SurveyPerc & Sound Effects With Bass Hit0:30
  • 054Dark SurveyDeep Bass Chord Sequence0:30
  • 055Dark SurveyPerc With Bass Hits0:30
  • 056Ultimate CredoFunky Rhythmics With Male Vocal0:30
  • 057Ultimate CredoMale Vocal With Fender Chord & Fx0:30
  • 058Ultimate CredoRhythmics With Wah-Wah Gtr0:30
  • 059Ultimate CredoFunky Rhythmics With Gtr Gimmick & Male Vocal0:30
  • 060Ultimate CredoDrums & Perc0:30




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