Gypsy Way

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Gypsy Way EM5237

The rich musical culture of the Sinti and Roma peoples, from the origins to Django Reinhardt and new trendy sounds.

Encore Merci EM5237

  • 001Gypsy WayMain2:16
  • 002Tzigane ClubMain3:16
  • 003Vals GitanoMain1:39
  • 004Manolo SongMain3:16
  • 005Nomad BloodMain2:52
  • 006Reinhardt HeartMain2:27
  • 007Lucky BeggarMain1:40
  • 008Loba GitanaMain2:13
  • 009Nevo DromMain3:53
  • 010Django MemoryMain2:15
  • 011Russian PassionMain1:56
  • 012Romani BazaarMain2:19
  • 013Manush LoungeMain3:58
  • 014Jolly SwingMain2:13
  • 015Flamenco AzulMain2:56
  • 016Rom DuckMain1:02
  • 017Electro BalkanMain3:16
  • 018Kolo DanceMain1:39
  • 019Endless RoadMain3:05
  • 020CarmencitaMain3:18
  • 021Cigano MusetteMain2:47
  • 022TchavoloMain3:05
  • 023Balalaika TearsMain3:18
  • 024Raja RootsMain3:10
  • 025Eastern SteppeMain3:26




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