Soul Of Violin

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Soul Of Violin EM5229

The violin as a solo instrument, accompanied by diverse stylistics between calm mass-like and jazzy-rhythmical.

Encore Merci EM5229

  • 001New Age Of ReasonMain4:38
  • 002Positive IntrospectionMain4:27
  • 003Dust And NostalgiaMain5:05
  • 004Bedouin WalkMain4:19
  • 005Native LandMain4:54
  • 006Celtic RumourMain2:13
  • 007Obstinate ThemeMain3:47
  • 008Wandering ThoughtsMain4:59
  • 009Naked CircleMain5:36
  • 010Gypsy RootsMain3:32
  • 011Soul Of ViolinMain1:45
  • 012Strange TopicMain5:18
  • 013Free RuleMain5:02




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