West Coast Revival

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West Coast Revival EM5227

Colorful panoply of songs in the style of well-known West Coast bands.

Encore Merci EM5227

  • 001West Coast RevivalMain2:59
  • 002No Limit For LoveMain3:16
  • 003Return To FriscoMain3:04
  • 004Ready For The CountryMain3:06
  • 005L.A. FiveMain3:01
  • 006Spirit DriveMain3:53
  • 007High On StageMain2:57
  • 008Cruising Down The CoastMain2:57
  • 009Magic Guitar ManMain2:58
  • 010Pacific BluesMain3:00
  • 011Marjorie And MeMain2:55
  • 012Californian BabesMain2:58
  • 013By The HourMain2:58
  • 014Malibu SkiesMain3:01
  • 015Desert VisionMain3:00
  • 016So Long LatinoMain4:22
  • 017Playful TimeMain2:28
  • 018Wandering AngelsMain2:25




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