Piano Brio

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Piano Brio EM5216

One instrument, endless variety: The recordings with solo piano open a wide horizon of stilistics and moods. From serious to cheerful, like Bach at times, like Jarett at others.

Encore Merci EM5216

  • 001Secret GardenMain2:11
  • 002Piano BrioMain1:56
  • 003Holy SpiritMain2:17
  • 004Silent MovieMain1:26
  • 005Spring Is BackMain2:03
  • 006Ghost Of LoveMain2:10
  • 007Lara'S SongMain1:51
  • 008Nostalgic DayMain2:23
  • 009Seaside ViewMain1:37
  • 010Tender MemoryMain1:51
  • 011Chaplin WalkMain1:52
  • 012Daybreak MelodyMain2:16
  • 013Stone AngelMain2:03
  • 014Fast ChaseMain2:43
  • 015Short RomanceMain2:03
  • 016Piano PolkaMain1:27
  • 017Fatal StoryMain2:22
  • 018Little NathanMain2:39
  • 019Always AliveMain2:06
  • 020Sunny WaltzMain1:42
  • 021Time To GoMain2:22
  • 022Charleston AgeMain1:43
  • 023Lyric TouchMain1:43
  • 024Clear SkyMain1:57
  • 025Quiet TimeMain1:36
  • 026Free BaroqueMain1:24
  • 027Missing LoveMain5:17




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