Pulsating Drama

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Pulsating Drama BM167

Dark dramatic underscores featuring synth pulses for moments of tension and intrigue.

Brilliant Music BM167

  • 001Creeping AnxietyMain1:47
  • 002Crisis PointMain1:00
  • 003False HopeMain1:31
  • 004Night TerrorMain1:22
  • 005Searching The ShadowsMain1:32
  • 006Unsure OutcomeMain1:24
  • 007Waiting GameMain1:19
  • 008Make Or BreakMain1:32
  • 009Throbbing SuspenseMain1:43
  • 010Pulsing PropulsionMain1:45
  • 011No Safe PlaceMain1:08
  • 012Creeping AnxietyUnderscore1:22
  • 013Crisis PointUnderscore0:57
  • 014False HopeUnderscore1:31
  • 015Night TerrorUnderscore1:19
  • 016Searching The ShadowsUnderscore1:07
  • 017Unsure OutcomeUnderscore1:24
  • 018Waiting GameUnderscore1:18
  • 019Make Or BreakUnderscore1:27
  • 020Throbbing SuspenseUnderscore1:15
  • 021Pulsing PropulsionUnderscore1:10
  • 022No Safe PlaceUnderscore0:56




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