Classic Rock

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Classic Rock BM166

Powerful and assertive classic rock instrumentals.

Brilliant Music BM166

  • 001Rocking OutMain2:12
  • 002Life On The EdgeMain2:11
  • 003Down To BusinessMain2:32
  • 004Born WinnerMain2:28
  • 005Left In The DustMain2:34
  • 006Speed DemonMain2:28
  • 007Rocking Out60 Second1:00
  • 008Life On The Edge60 Second1:00
  • 009Down To Business60 Second1:00
  • 010Born Winner60 Second1:00
  • 011Left In The Dust60 Second1:00
  • 012Speed Demon60 Second1:00
  • 013Rocking Out30 Second0:30
  • 014Life On The Edge30 Second0:30
  • 015Down To Business30 Second0:30
  • 016Born Winner30 Second0:30
  • 017Left In The Dust30 Second0:30
  • 018Speed Demon30 Second0:30
  • 019Rocking Out StingSting0:06
  • 020Life On The Edge StingSting0:03
  • 021Down To Business StingSting0:08
  • 022Born Winner StingSting0:06
  • 023Left In The Dust StingSting0:05
  • 024Speed Demon StingSting0:03
  • 025Life On The Edge StingUnderscore2:11
  • 026Down To Business StingUnderscore2:32
  • 027Born Winner StingUnderscore2:14
  • 028Left In The Dust StingUnderscore2:34
  • 029Speed Demon StingUnderscore2:28




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