Raw Power

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Raw Power BM165

Powerful and assertive hard rock instrumentals for high-octane action and motor sports.

Brilliant Music BM165

  • 001Razor EdgeMain2:45
  • 002Raw PowerMain2:25
  • 003Raging InfernoMain2:49
  • 004Fury UnleashedMain2:56
  • 005High VoltageMain3:26
  • 006Razor EdgeUnderscore2:45
  • 007Raw PowerUnderscore2:25
  • 008Raging InfernoUnderscore2:49
  • 009Fury UnleashedUnderscore2:56
  • 010High VoltageUnderscore3:26
  • 011Razor Edge60 second1:00
  • 012Raw Power60 second1:00
  • 013Raging Inferno60 second1:00
  • 014Fury Unleashed60 second1:00
  • 015High Voltage60 second1:00
  • 016Razor Edge30 second0:30
  • 017Raw Power30 second0:30
  • 018Raging Inferno30 second0:30
  • 019Fury Unleashed30 second0:30
  • 020High Voltage30 second0:30
  • 021Razor EdgeSting0:07
  • 022Raw PowerSting0:05
  • 023Raging InfernoSting0:06
  • 024Fury UnleashedSting0:04
  • 025High VoltageSting0:06




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