Quirky & Comedy

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Quirky & Comedy BM164

A collection of lighthearted quirky instrumentals for comedy, dramedy and mischief.

Brilliant Music BM164

  • 001Just An Ordinary DayMain1:52
  • 002Late For A DateMain2:13
  • 003Topsy Turvy TalesMain2:17
  • 004Quirky TimesMain2:05
  • 005Zany PeopleMain2:09
  • 006Monkey MischiefMain2:01
  • 007OddbodsMain2:01
  • 008Penguin WalkMain2:18
  • 009Matzo MarchMain2:16
  • 010Wacky WaltzMain2:07
  • 011Just An Ordinary DayUnderscore1:52
  • 012Late For A DateUnderscore2:13
  • 013Topsy Turvy TalesUnderscore2:17
  • 014Quirky TimesUnderscore2:05
  • 015Zany PeopleUnderscore2:09
  • 016Monkey MischiefUnderscore2:01
  • 017OddbodsUnderscore2:01
  • 018Penguin WalkUnderscore2:18
  • 019Matzo MarchUnderscore2:16
  • 020Wacky WaltzUnderscore2:07
  • 021Just An Ordinary Day60 Second1:00
  • 022Late For A Date60 Second1:00
  • 023Topsy Turvy Tales60 Second1:00
  • 024Quirky Times60 Second1:00
  • 025Zany People60 Second1:00
  • 026Monkey Mischief60 Second1:00
  • 027Oddbods60 Second1:00
  • 028Penguin Walk60 Second1:00
  • 029Matzo March60 Second1:00
  • 030Wacky Waltz60 Second1:00
  • 031Just An Ordinary Day30 Second0:30
  • 032Late For A Date30 Second0:30
  • 033Topsy Turvy Tales30 Second0:30
  • 034Quirky Times30 Second0:30
  • 035Zany People30 Second0:30
  • 036Monkey Mischief30 Second0:30
  • 037Oddbods30 Second0:30
  • 038Penguin Walk30 Second0:30
  • 039Matzo March30 Second0:30
  • 040Wacky Waltz30 Second0:30
  • 041Just An Ordinary DaySting0:04
  • 042Late For A DateSting0:07
  • 043Topsy Turvy TalesSting0:07
  • 044Quirky TimesSting0:05
  • 045Zany PeopleSting0:06
  • 046Monkey MischiefSting0:08
  • 047OddbodsSting0:05
  • 048Penguin WalkSting0:07
  • 049Matzo MarchSting0:08
  • 050Wacky WaltzSting0:05




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