Mysterious World

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Mysterious World BM156

Evocative atmospheric soundscapes featuring exotic ethnic instruments, for moments of cinematic tension and mystery.

Brilliant Music BM156

  • 001Breath Of DestinyMain2:40
  • 002Andalusian DesertMain2:43
  • 003Rivers Of SorrowMain2:56
  • 004Tribal LoyaltiesMain2:24
  • 005Across the PlainsMain2:48
  • 006Approaching SandsMain2:20
  • 007Passage Of TimeMain2:53
  • 008Kora BluesMain2:22
  • 009Pyres Of VaranasiMain2:43
  • 010Persian DreamingMain3:07
  • 011Ghosts On Mount FujiMain2:21
  • 012Mysterious TempleMain2:31
  • 013Breath Of DestinyUnderscore2:40
  • 014Andalusian DesertUnderscore2:43
  • 015Rivers Of SorrowUnderscore2:53
  • 016Tribal LoyaltiesUnderscore2:25
  • 017Across the PlainsUnderscore2:46
  • 018Approaching SandsUnderscore2:20
  • 019Passage Of TimeUnderscore2:52
  • 020Kora BluesUnderscore2:22
  • 021Pyres Of VaranasiUnderscore2:43
  • 022Persian DreamingUnderscore3:07
  • 023Ghosts On Mount FujiUnderscore2:19
  • 024Mysterious TempleUnderscore2:30




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