Simple Pleasures

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Simple Pleasures BM154

Delightfully light, happy and carefree instrumentals with an organic folky feel.

Brilliant Music BM154

  • 001Sunshine SaunterMain2:29
  • 002Summer FolkMain2:41
  • 003Simple PleasuresMain2:09
  • 004Walking On AirMain1:57
  • 005Joyful PlaytimeMain2:19
  • 006Fun DayMain2:00
  • 007Tickled PinkMain2:09
  • 008Easing Into SummerMain2:08
  • 009Let The Smiles GrowMain2:14
  • 010Feeling SquiffyMain2:15
  • 011Sunshine SaunterUnderscore2:29
  • 012Summer FolkUnderscore2:41
  • 013Simple PleasuresUnderscore2:06
  • 014Walking On AirUnderscore1:57
  • 015Joyful PlaytimeUnderscore2:19
  • 016Fun DayUnderscore2:00
  • 017Tickled PinkUnderscore2:09
  • 018Easing Into SummerUnderscore2:08
  • 019Let The Smiles GrowUnderscore2:14
  • 020Feeling SquiffyUnderscore2:15




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